Must Read Before Buying a Used Car – Cheap Carfax Report

Buying a car isn't a simple process. There's so many cars to choose from, and the large range of vehicles on the market doesn't make things any easier for the soon-to-be new owner.

There are plenty of brands and  models, as well as a range of features you might find important when making your decision. Of course here at LightsReviewed we always recommend checking the brightness of the headlights but that should not be a deal breaker since you can always replace those with great after market headlights such as the ones sold by nilight.

Back to the subject at hand. When buying a used car there are so many options in can become overwhelming.  You want a car that not only meets your needs, but also one that will prove to be reliable and not unexpectedly break down on you. Many other aspects  also need to be considered .  

Keep reading our important advice so you don't accidentally get stuck with a lemon when making your next used car purchase. ...

The first thing that needs to be done is a full check-up. If you plan to purchase a used car, the list of concerns and things you need to pay attention to is much longer. It doesn't mean that this is actually a worse choice than buying a new one. It just means that more it will be work researching used cars.

How are you going to decide if the car you want is the right choice?  

The first will be your mechanic's opinion after a thorough inspection. The second one is all the details you can get about the background of the car – the vehicle history report.

Is your potential car worth buying? The biggest question always seems too hard to answer unless you're prepared to devote some time and energy to seeking the answer. The good news is that you can buy a cheap CARFAX report
to get to know about the past vehicle history. You can buy it directly from however we recommend buying the exact same report but for much cheaper using:  This  report would allow you to get information from all possible agencies, whether they be insurance or leasing firms, service centers or other departments.

It is important to consider the exact condition of the car you choose to buy to make the right decision. Having  a Vehicle history report is going to help you immensely, supplying you with all the knowledge you need.

Well what is a CARFAX report anyway? 

It could be considered a vehicle biography with a history of ownership, mileage, maintenance reports, potential injuries, repairs, and improvements – basically anything that has anything to do with the specific vehicle. This is what you get by checking the unique number of the car knwon as the VIN number, which is the vehicle identification number.  The VIN is  like a blueprint or a social security number (but for cars) that every vehicle has as a combination of numbers that is unique.

By checking the VIN, you enter the database to see the car's full history. But is this knowledge accurate?

In most situations, the information you get is absolutely correct. You can get a report directly from the car dealership, or you can buy it by yourself, paying between $20 and $40 per car, or even less when using 

The car's history of incidents is a vital thing you should find out. This is important to you because, in more serious situations, the car may be a lemon, involved in a flood or serious accident   This means that you can inspect the car closely with a mechanic and look explicitly at structural problems. Check the airbags to see where the car has been fixed and where the parts have been ordered in a reputable store. This takes us to the second benefit of getting a report. .If a car has a title that says it's salvaged , reconstructed or branded, it means it was once declared a  complete loss.


You can discover different issues, such as past crashes, or weather-related problems, such as flood, snow or hail destruction, or even fire. However it doesn't mean that it hasn't been repaired or can't be fixed, it just means that you need to pay some special attention to the pieces that have been affected and the overall state. Often, whatever you find in your survey, you can use it as a great start to the negotiations, and you may be able to substantially lower the listed price.

Odometer mileage reading is something you can easily verify by comparing the car reports to the actual dashboard. If you figure out that the numbers are different, it means that the odometer has probably been rolled back. These cars should be avoided at all costs.

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All of this brings one to the conclusion that a technical check-up and a history report are inseparable pieces of a puzzle that you need to solve at the same time to get a view of the vehicle you want to purchase. When you're going through the report, pay attention to the details you've got, and tell your mechanic what to concentrate on. Don't move too quickly and bear in mind that you need to gather everything from the sources that you have, so putting some extra time into the beginning will pay off later, if the purchase continues to be successful.