Unbiased Reviews of Automotive Lighting Products

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Driving your car in extreme weather can not only be a challenge, but might also be dangerous. Fog lights are an added safety feature that can make your drive more comfortable and safe...


In the modern age, safety features on road vehicles are not anymore considered as a luxury. Fog lights are one of these features that can make your trip safer. The best fog lights provide clarity...

Two Cars With Fog Lights Turned On


Did you know  that in the U.S. half of all fatal car crashes occur in the dark? Headlights have an obvious role in preventing crashes.  Technology in recent years is developing so quickly however most automakers are still falling behind in offering adequate headlights, in fact, most cars and trucks sold today still have inferior stock headlights.

LED Daytime Lights


IIHS ( the insurance institute for highway safety) has taken initiative to test and rate 80 headlight systems back in 2016.  Out of 80 systems and 31 different sedan models,  guess how many received a favorable rating? Only ONE out of Thirty one. And more than half of all models were related poor or marginally poor.